Academy of Music and Art

In addition to the music lessons that each class receives during the week, starting at the age of 6, each child chooses a personal musical instrument and receives private lessons in the instrument he chooses, we help…


School of Agriculture and farming

The partaking classes are great invitations for children to experience soil work throughout the year. Even during the harsh winter days, soil work continues in the greenhouse. Children learn to grow plants in greenhouses…


Sports and Acrobatics

Sporting activity is important for both the physical body and the soul. Acrobatic activity teaches flexibility not only physically but also thoughtfully, and also contributes greatly to the child’s self-confidence.

Life Skills Workshops

We serve in our talent workshops to help our children discover their talents and complete their personal development beyond the ordinary rhythm of life.

Values and Character Education

While preparing our children for tomorrow; conscientious, virtuous, equipped with national and spiritual values, glorious past to carry the bright future, we aim to be smart healthy and happy generations that know to work together respect each other and can contribute to the society.

Healthy eating

To ensure balanced and healthy nutrition of our children, our shopping is done daily and our meals are prepared by our expert chef at our school and no ready-made food is used.


“Doku” in Turkish means embroidery, we chose this name for our school “Doku koleji” (“Embroidery College”) since we believe that the education we gives to our children stay with them as embroidery, and we wish to be the best embroiderers for them… When the teachers’ development process never fails, they will always be there to give the children education which is full of life energy and breath and full of vitality and innovation.

From 3 years old to 12 years old . Enroll your child now prepare your child for a bright future; Contact us for more information