How do we teach with the Montessori Method

How do we teach with the Montessori Method


The Montessori Materials are introduced to the children by their teachers or by other children, thus the child learns how to work suitable with the aim of the material. Each work is designed according to a predetermined aim. Materials support the children towards a further cognitive level. The materials follow each other through a concept sequence and the previous tool with respect to the following one is less complicated and simple. This is the reason of the child’s guaranteed development. And by careful observations it is possible to assess the child’s progress in such an early age without disturbing or harming the child.

Learning never occurs without repetition, however the traditional education has a timetable, therefore, it cannot give time for the ones who have to repeat more and it cannot speed up for the ones who have already learned. But the learning styles of each child are different and the child has his own agenda of development and learning. In the Montessori Method the child adjusts his working speed according to his own pace, as a result, he becomes the director of his learning experience. This is a quite important aspect of an education method because you cannot make some one learn, learning is an authentic and personal experience, therefore when the child learns how to direct this experience, he must have been acquired maybe the most important cognitive mechanism of his life which is learning.

The children working with the Montessori Materials begin to learn by concrete objects and using their senses and progress in writing, reading, mathematics and science by developing their abstract thinking skills in time, as a result, they become individuals who like working and learning.

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