About us

Natural Education in Turkey by Doku koleji Montessori School

“Doku” in Turkish means embroidery, we chose this name for our school “Doku koleji” (“Embroidery College”)  since we believe that the education we gives to our children  stay with them as embroidery, and we wish to be the best embroiderers for them, that is show by the importancy that we give not  just for the education of our children but first to the education of our education team . we see the training of our Teachers as something that has no limitation and as an issue that must to stay lives, no matter how experienced our teachers are, always we have something new to learn and improve on!  even the most talented teacher must keep his / her training a live.  In fact, we believe that what makes our teacher team successful is the fact that they continue to learn and evolve all the time and not just teach, when the teachers’ development process never fails, they will always be there to give the children education which is full of life energy and breath and full of vitality and innovation. Our teachers are also constantly trained by teachers coming from abroad, United States and Europe, who are assisting in continuing professional teacher training with emphasis on the Montessori method.

Doku koleji Montessori School provides early childhood education that builds a strong foundation for confident, compassionate participation in the world.  We nurture each child’s unique gifts, passion for learning, and independence.

Our school is located in the heart of the green Bursa city at Doburca neighborhood surrounded with trees and river with the famous Uludağ mountains view. Our school is the only one in the city of Bursa and among the only ones in Turkey to offer Montessori education not only for kindergarten & preschoolers but also for elementary school age. in future we might add our own Middle School and High School as well.

We enroll children between the ages of 3 years old to 12 years old.  Programs include 3 sections of ages:  kindergarten, pre-school and Elementary School. here you got a Montessori School from kindergarten to Sixth grade, in future we might add a Middle School and a High School from our own.

Our school is the only Montessori school in Turkey that offers an elementary school student exchange program with Montessori schools in the United States and Europe.

What makes our school unique is its huge emphasis on language and international relations, as well as its broad emphasis on music and art studies.