Academy of Music

In addition to the music lessons that each class receives during the week, starting at the age of 6, each child chooses a personal musical instrument and receives private lessons in the instrument he chooses, we help each child choose his or her own instrument specific to the child’s needs.


Violin, guitar, clarinet, flute, accordion, drumming, piano and more … The end goal is to have a diverse orchestra with the kids who will learn to listen to each other play and express themselves regardless of how they necessarily become professional musicians.

Academy of Art

The most important thing is that not every child will become an artist but definitely every person and child should engage in the arts such as painting, sculpture and movement, because these arts develop in the child the emotional intelligence needed to cope with the big world outside.


Each age has a sculpture course in clay, ceramic work in wood and stone, all tailored to each age and the special needs of each child boy and girl.

School of Agriculture and farming

The partaking classes are great invitations for children to experience soil work throughout the year. Even during the harsh winter days, soil work continues in the greenhouse. Children learn to grow plants in greenhouses and outside. Focus on organic farming, growing food for eating. Care of farm animals and pets.

Sports and acrobatics

Sporting activity is important for both the physical body and the soul. Acrobatic activity teaches flexibility not only physically but also thoughtfully, and also contributes greatly to the child’s self-confidence.